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Where should I start? It was a great piece. I definitely loved the art, the animation was solid although certain ends could've used some more spice. But as an animator myself I can tell that a ton of work has gone into this none the less.

I was a bit surprised when the main character suddenly was about to die when getting hit by that last arrow. As a fellow Dark Souls player, I know darn well an arrow can turn a tide in the game, but the reaction to the action in the animation made it seem like it was just a scratch as he barely moved an inch after getting hit.. perhaps he should've been hit in the chest along with him being staggered to amplify the severity of his situation.

But other than that, this is a jewel on the front page in my opinion!


Is it wrong that I enjoyed the whole flash movie itself without watching Street Fighter Club?

Non the less ,I don't see why people are complaining about "shit animation" its animated just fiiinnee dispite that being dicks and tits flying around all over the place.

This is just pure win. at least you dare to express yourself unlike most giant walking vagina's out there. heel licking every female NG celeberity.

Kudos I say .. KUDOS DAMNIT

Must agree with that other dude with 1 star.

Unfortunatley this concept has already been executed, not exactly the same though.

Still it's nicely executed aswell like the other flash, so bravo :)

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My god this game is the most epic kind of content this site has received in a while.

But darn.. Its a bummer that your site is getting totally wasted by all the visitors due to the popularity of this master piece.

I've been working on a level for a few hours and couldn't save it since it went down again so I lost everything unfortnatley.. but that included experimenting so I hope I can redo it all in a shorter spawn of time as soon as you got it working again.


Ahh that's brilliant.. short but powerfull.. Space: Do Jesus things.. that made my day.

I don't see why...

Why are all these people complaining so much about this game? I liked it ,and I rarelly stumble upon a game on newgrounds these days that keep me entertained.

However I think I stumbled upon a bug of some soorts ,as I depleted Col-labs health bar, A shield appeared above his head saying Protect was it? Anyhow I first tried shooting him in that second ,then grabbed for the big shield thingy, then he continued fighting me.

Then I just kept reflecting the saw blades but he just wouldn't die ,then eventually I died ,retried it ,but then at one point the game froze as my gun upgraded to Triple firing.

But despite all that I really did like it, didn't really care if I got the medal or not, those people who keep trolling should really grow up and bring a decent review.

MindChamber responds:

as soon as you see that shield jump for it before he recovers!

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Did you model it soley in one of the programs? if you did so in 3dsmax then, holy shit. but none the less it's superb in any case!

Holy doley, you should be drawing more often! I've kinda lost track on your art as you seem a bit idle lately.. or that might just be me (correct me if I'm wrong.)

Your concepts and idea's never fail to amaze me..! keep 'em commin' !

I've seen this exact same concept/character on Deviant art months ago.

Nerdbayne responds:

ouchies, plz stop it you bully!

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